References Research Projects

Research Projects


MSE-Sequenziamento(Italian Ministry of EconomicDevelopment â€“ Industria 2015 Programme)

Intelligent sequencing platforms foroncogenomic analysis and diagnosis of the cancer and geneticdiseases.


Developmentof a video surveillance system based on IP Cloudinfrastructure.(POR-Regione Liguria)

Design and implementation of a new IPsurveillance system completely scalable, and based on cloudinfrastructure.


Designof a stereoscopic system for security applications in the railwayand metropolitan environment (POR-Regione Liguria)

Research and implementation of aninnovative system for the automatic recognition of obstacles onthe tracks.


Dico(re)2s- Discount Coupon Recommendation and Redemption System (EuropeanUnion’s 7th Framework Programme)

Dico(re)2s develops an deploys acoupon-based discount campaign platform to provide consumers andretailers/manufacturers with a personalized environment formaximum satisfaction and business profitability.


SIFEG – Sistema Integrato trasporto merci FErro-Gomma – Integratedfreight-rail system (Italian Ministry ofEconomic Development â€“ Industria 2015 Programme)


Development of the SISGA system(Safety System for Great Areas) aiming to keep safe workoperations on portual and inter-portual terminals, that allows:

  • thelocalization and real-time identification of authorized peopleprovided with badge within an area bordered by a system ofradiofrequency sensors;

  • theautomatic detection and counting of people within that area, byelaborating images coming from installed cameras

  • trackingof people detected by this visual elaboration, and of identifiedindividuals through the radiofrequency system

  • detecting the presence ofunauthorized persons and their behaviours.


SLIMPORT- Sicurezza, Logistica ed InterModalità PORTuale (ItalianMinistry of Economic Development – Industria 2015 Program)


Systemfor the integrated management of logistics and safety for portintermodality:

  • SlimCargo: Development of an image processing system for the safetyof staff engaged in loading and unloading operations;

  • SlimGate: Development of a system for integrity inspection and damagedetection of containers crossing a gate;

  • Slim Ferry:Development of a system for passengers gate access management.


Impulso(Italian Ministry of Economic Development – Industria 2015Program)

System for management and control offreight transport and logistics.


SIIT-Automazione(SIIT Consortium – Technological district for IntegratedIntelligent Systems)

Modular and distributed automationfor cooperating robotic systems with high operational flexibility.


VsDs(POR-Regione Liguria)

Design and realization of anintegrated video surveillance and digital signage automotivesystem, for public and private transport.


EasyRider (Italian Ministry of Economic Development – Industria 2015Program)

System for the integration of roadinfrastructures, vehicles and services to improve infomobility androad safety as a support to sustainable mobility.


SINTESIS(SIIT Consortium – Technological district for IntegratedIntelligent Systems)

SINTESIS project – Integratedintelligent distributed security system.


ACIS(Consorzio SIIT – Sistemi Intelligenti Integrati Tecnologie)


ACIS project – Advanced Cooperative InfomobilitySystems: Analysis, development and validation of innovativesolutions for infomobility cooperative integrated systems.


COMMIUS– Community-based Interoperability Utility for SMEs (EuropeanUnion’s 7th Framework Programme)

Development of an adaptable and customizablesoftware prototype aimed at promoting interoperability betweenSMEs. The project is carried out with the support of the SIITConsortium (Technological district for Integrated IntelligentSystems).


Radio-videointegrated system (PSTL – Science and Technological Park ofLiguria)

Radio-video integrated system for the positioning,identification and behaviour analysis aimed at sensitive areassecurity.


RFID-BloodBags (PSTL- Science and Technological Park of Liguria)

Software for the management of ablood bags tracking system based on RFId technology.


VCRSport-Video Recording Platform for Sport Events(PSTL- Science and Technological Park of Liguria)

Integratedvideo recording platform for sport events.


Infopoint(PSTL – Science and Technological Park of Liguria)

Research anddevelopment of an infopoint system with integrated GPS and RFIDfunctionality.


Sistemica(PSTL – Science and Technological Park of Liguria)

Integratedsystem for the strategic, tactical and operational management ofmotorways complex infrastructures maintenance.


Intelligentsystem databases classification (PSTL – Science and TechnologicalPark of Liguria)

Intelligentsystem for heterogeneous, disparate databases classification bymeans of clustering and machine-learning algorithms.


Videosurveillance integrated system (PSTL – Science and TechnologicalPark of Liguria)

Videosurveillance integrated system consisting of mobile robot units,fixed infrastructures and transportable systems.


WirelessSensor Network (PSTL – Science and Technological Park of Liguria)

Wireless sensornetworks HW/SW platform.


Securitysystem in the marine environment (PSTL – Science and TechnologicalPark of Liguria)

Modularintegrated system for monitoring/survey/safety operations inmarine environment.


PAC(PSTL – Science and Technological Park of Liguria)

PAC Project –Controlled Access and Parking.


Litbio(M.I.U.R. – Italian Ministry of Education, Universities andResearch)

Realization ofa portal aiming at the development of an interdisciplinarylaboratory on bioinformatics technologies.


Citytech(PSTL – Science and Technological Park of Liguria)

ICT application in thelogistics and goods transport field.


SistemiVideodigitali Intelligenti (Regione Liguria – Law 598/94)


Project concerning Aitek’sCCTV product innovation that adds and updates intelligent softwaremodules for detecting, processing and displaying events extractedfrom video sequences.


MB–NET(CEC – IST Programme)

Network of operatorsinterested in the development of Mobile Technology.


Project791 (M.I.U.R. – Italian Ministry of Education, Universities andResearch)

Development ofa prototype system for surgical operations planning.


Amovite(CEC – IST Programme)


Development ofa wireless system for the transmission of images on GSM lines.


Procast(CEC – Ten Telecom Programme)

Development ofa Multicast and Proxy IP network for real-time multimediabroadcasts with reduced bandwidth.


NEA(CEC – Ten Telecom Programme)


Development ofan outsourcing center of customized services based on ERP forSME’s systems.


SVAVISCA(CEC – Esprit Programme)


Design anddevelopment of a color retina-like SMART camera.


VASCO(CEC – Innovation Programme)


Development andproduction of the video phone for hearing-impaired peopledeveloped within the IBIDEM project.


IBIDEM(CEC – TIDE Programme)


Development ofa prototype of video phone for hearing-impaired people using PSTNnetwork. The system is based on a new generation of space-variantsensor that simulates the human retina.